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Panji-Panji Langkawi


Panji-Panji Langkawi

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Panji-Panji Langkawi


Everyone needs a break or a holiday from their daily grind. What makes their holiday a memorable one is not only the destination, sight-seeing or exquisite cuisine they enjoyed. It is also about where they stayed. Panji Panji wants your getaway to be more than just memorable. They want it to be a lifetime experience never forgotten. Ever. The serene ambience, detailed surroundings and greenery of Panji Panji’s homes give you all of that and more. We promote ambience living to the fullest – giving your sights and senses a little more than a tickle.

We have chalets ideal for a couple. Feel free to choose from the upper or lower units. We have also two villa’s or family suits which is suitable for a small family.

All units will ensure that you leave with warm memories and refreshed sights and senses.

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