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Billy Blue And The Nowhere Man

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Billy Blue And The Nowhere Man

Billie Blue & The Nowhere Men is a folk-rock outfit

Billie Blue & The Nowhere Men is a folk-rock outfit comprised of 4 members,(Billie Blue Blackstone: Vocals, Soheil Sanjabi: Guitar & backing vocals, David Harding: Bass & backing vocals, Reuben Devanesan: Drums, percussions & backing vocals) who met in the bustling city of Kuala Lumpur.

Being of American and Malaysian mix, Billie Blue Blackstone drew on her roots when she began performing with Soheil Sanjabi as a duo.
Fueled by their mutual interests in early American folk music as well as psychedelic rock, they later teamed up with like-minded musicians, David Harding and Reuben Devanesan to further develop their sound.
Often described as raw and vintage, the band draws influence from groups of the late 60s and early 70s, while also experimenting with the various musical sensibilities that each member brings.
Their sets consist of covers of their favorites as well as their original music, and their solid delivery and eclectic vibes are reminiscent of classic bands such as Fleetwood Mac or Jefferson Airplane.

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